Post at Celtic

ADR and Voiceover

Celtic regularly hosts talent and group in comfortable ADR studios to record essential dialogue, group, character vocals, or VoiceOver. Experience remote networking tools that allow directors, talent, producers, and supervisors to collaborate from separate locations while working together seamlessly.

Separate control room, recording booth and anteroom give flexibility even while following current COVID guidelines.

SourceConnect and Zoom combine to make remote work as creatively integrated as possible.

ADR and voiceover


With world-renowned VFX companies planting a flag at Celtic — with talent pipeline provided by the state of Louisiana* — Baton Rouge has become a hub for cutting-edge VFX work.

Connect with one of the full-service visual effects companies on the Celtic lot to get started.

*Enjoy a 5% VFX tax credit on top of premier equipment and service.

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Near Set Dailies
and AVID Suites

  • Secure dailies backup and transcoding, posting for secure streaming and Avid edit codecs
  • Easy integration with edit rooms here or remote
  • Post Supervision and media coordination
  • Bonded supervision as needed for specific services, or full post packages
Near set dailies
Screening room

Dub Stage /
Screening Room

  • Dolby certified dub stage with Protocols HDX mixing systems controlled by Avid Icon console in a living-room style work area
  • Seating for 45 in comfortable theater seating while projecting 4K on a 23-foot screen
  • Room for all your keys to view dailies or test footage, or host a small screening for cast and crew

Tenant Demo Reels

Post-Production Credits