Grip & Set Lighting

MBS EQUIPMENT COMPANY – As the largest studio based provider of grip and lighting equipment in the country, MBS Equipment Co. understands the high level of commitment required in servicing a new studio job. Your success depends on us completely dedicating ourselves to service and performance. And we do, because we only succeed when you succeed.

Grit, determination and a garage. That’s about all there was when we started 30 years ago. MBS Equipment Co. may be a new name, but our roots run deep. That same drive and desire to succeed, work hard and deliver on time and as expected still lives on. We have expanded, not only servicing Los Angeles, but production centers throughout the United States. We have undergone a shift from a primarily location business to a studio based business that can service production at all levels. But while the company continues to grow and forge relationships with new partners, it remains true to the qualities and values that have set us apart since those early days in the garage – a deep understanding of the business and doing right by our clients.

MBS Equipment Co. - Baton Rouge
10000 Celtic Dr
O'Connor Building Suite 300
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Phone: 225.330.6100
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