o   Dailies

o   Full DI Packages

o   Avid/Final Cut Editorial Suites

o   Bondable Post Supervisor

o   Budgeting

o   Oversight of all post up through Deliveries

floor plan

Full audio packages including:

  • ADR-ISDN or SourceConnect

  • Foley

  • Sound Design

  • Mixing

  • Deliveries

floor plan

  • Description of Jerry's services and capabilties 

floor plan

In consideration of the current Covid-19 situation, we have put together a list of protocols Celtic Studios Audio will be taking to ensure the safety of clients, talent, and employees. If you have any questions, please just ask. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  • Everyone coming in must wear a mask at all times, except when on mic.
  • Only one talent will be allowed in the studio at a time. Scheduling should be planned out so there is a 10 min buffer or more between one talent finishing and another arriving. Talent scheduled to arrive after another talent will wait in their car until the engineer texts or calls them to come into the studio. For the time being, our waiting area is closed. A list of talent’s phone numbers should be provided to the engineer in advance of the session.
  • The engineer will stay in the control room and have no physical contact with talent. Microphones will be adjusted in advance to talent arriving in the booth and doors will remain closed.
  • Studio gear (microphone, pop filter, stand, headphones, etc) will be sterilized and rotated after each session. Talent is welcome to bring his/her own headphones for use.
  • Talent should print and bring their own scripts, or have scripts on their own iPad. After the session is finished talent will take their scripts with them. Contracts and time sheets should be sent directly to agents for signature and return.
  • The kitchen will be closed during the session. Talent should plan to bring their own water and snacks to the session as needed.
  • Clients will patch into the session remotely via Zoom or SourceConnect. The only people who will be in the audio area at the same time are the talent and the engineer and there will be minimal, if any, contact.
  • No individual shall attend a session if they are under a mandated 14 day isolation period, feeling sick, or showing any symptoms of any illness.