Filming In Louisiana

Filming In Louisiana

The Celtic Media Centre offers close proximity to key New Orleans locations and crew while maintaing a safe enough distance from the threat of flooding caused by severe Gulf Coast storms. Baton Rouge offers the possibility of year round production and lower insurance costs.

About Baton Rouge:

• Less than an hour's drive from the New Orleans Airport's direct flights to Los Angeles and New York
• A large metro area: East Baton Rouge Parish is currently the largest parish in the state
• A college town atmosphere: Baton Rouge is home to both LSU and Southern University
• Plentiful, affordable housing: Numerous neighborhoods, apartments, and condominiums were built after Hurricane Katrina to accomodate displaced New Orleans area residents.  Baton Rouge is also home to Perkins Rowe, an urban village modeled after The Grove in Beverly Hills.
• Home to one of the largest Whole Foods in North America
• An established crew base

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