‘Twilight’ author’s new film ‘The Host’ – imminent release!

‘The Host’ set to hit cinemas shortly after Twilight release

It appears that as soon as the sun has set on ‘Twilight’, a new film will be arriving to carry on the author’s legacy. ‘The Host’ will literally be arriving in our cinemas just a few months after the release of the final Twilight film. While we have been completely absorbed with the end of the Twilight era, the new team have been at work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana completing this new project.

The ‘tipped to be a blockbuster’ movie is based on the novel ‘The Host’, also written by Stephanie Meyer.  The sci-fi storyline is based on the dual-aspect life Melanie Stryder, a human whose body becomes occupied by an alien.  The world is invaded by these souls, whose primary purpose is to attempt to take over the planet.  The alien soul sent to occupy Melanie, however, becomes friends with her host and together they embark on a new journey.

The main role is played by Saoirse Ronan (the younger sister in Atonement) and the cast also includes Diane Kruger and William Hurt.

‘The Host’ is directed by Andrew Niccol and is due to be released in March 2013.