Movie magic returning to Baton Rouge, major studio involved for feature film

BATON ROUGE – Movie magic is on the way to Baton Rouge. The film production industry has been eagerly awaiting a reboot after the pandemic sidelined production. The first big ticket movie will be shot inside Celtic Studios this summer.

Though, officials can’t confirm who is renting major stage space, WBRZ has uncovered a good hint. Posted on an employment website, Walt Disney Studios is looking to hire both a health manager and supervisor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. These positions are now required on film sets to make sure covid-19 protocols are being practiced.

The Director of Studio Operations at Celtic said they will be working with a major studio for a feature film starting at the end of April.

“I can’t speak to who it is,” said Aaron Bayham. “It is great for us, this feels like there’s a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel with the industry getting back into the swing of things.”

Bayham says filming is expected to begin in June and last through August. Starting this month the major studio will open an office at Celtic, and stages will begin to be built at the end of April.

“There probably won't be a lot of locations that they'll be out on and that plays well for us. We have these big stages that are ideal for these projects because you need to build sets, and you need a controlled environment,” said Bayham.

The hope is the feature film will just be the start of a busy year of filming after the pause in production.

"There's a backlog of projects that haven't been able to film over the last year. They are green-lit, ready to go, they just need a crew to make them,” said Bayham.

So the two Walt Disney Studio job listings will likely be the first of many to come. Bayham says local crews will be hired for the project at Celtic in about two to three months.

According to Louisiana Entertainment, a division of Louisiana Economic Development, there are just over one dozen film projects happening throughout the state. That's similar to the amount that was being shot pre-covid. The majority are taking place in New Orleans.

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