B.R. movie studio sheltering Red Cross volunteers

On first glance, the makeshift shelter for nearly 500 Red Cross volunteers might appear to be a scene from a movie. But in a case of life imitating art, one of the cavernous sound stages at Celtic Media Centre—the sound stage where scenes from Twilight and Battleship were filmed—is housing volunteers from around the country who are helping south Louisiana clean up from Hurricane Isaac. "We made an agreement with the Red Cross a while back that the film industry would help out if needed in an emergency," says Patrick Mulhearn, director of studio operations at Raleigh Studios Baton Rouge, which is based in the center. "Well, this is an emergency." Because the studio is equipped with such things as mobile kitchens, generators and portable lights, it makes an ideal shelter for the volunteers, who are fanning out to Ascension, Livingston and St. John the Baptist parishes, as well as other areas flooded during last week's hurricane. For the next two weeks or so, cots will line the floor where Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson once recited lines, and portable showers—provided by the Southern Baptists—will be hooked up to the studio's water supply. Mulhearn says he is hoping to soon ink a deal that will tie up the studio beginning in October; but since it is vacant for now, the timing to assist was perfect. "We feel like it's one of the benefits of having a strong film industry: You have an asset like this that can be used for the greater good," he says. - Stephanie Riegel